Whirled Festival of Tops 8-26-06

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Miamisburg Ohio is home of one of the biggest and longest running top spinning events in the world.

Saturday night 8-26-06 from 5-8 will be the seventh annual Whirled Festival of Tops in downtown Miamisburg held along with the August Car Cruise-In.

Join local school participants, scouts, juggling groups and more who will be battling for
$100 in gold coins in youth battle tops.

We will welcome again world champion Dale Oliver of Spintastics at www.Spintastics.com  who will show us his newest top creations and his amazing tricks.  There will also be people from the top 10 in the most recent world championships. Professional tops available for purchase.

Compete in the tricks division with world champion Dale Oliver leading a group of people through the top sports ladder

There will be a "top decorated top" contest. Many people are using wood tops from www.toycrafter.com  People may also want to use the clear tops from Spintastics and paint inside them.

You can also win coins at Jay's Change Challenge.
Learn to throw from one of our resident experts.
Join the Mayor of Miamisburg on the official "I threw a top" list.
Compete for the longest spinner.
For the first time there will be a youth and adult division.
Start practicing now and get your teams together.
Look for us in the lot just north of the Baum Opera House!
Questions? Contact Mike Hout at 866-4324 or mikehout@erinet.com

Enjoy some great pics from the event




Spintastics               Discussion Board for Tops               Directions for tops
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Tour of Mike Hout's Spinning Top Hall of Fame
TopLand is coming


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