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Miamisburg Ohio is home of one of the biggest and longest running top spinning events in the world.


Here are some general instructions for winding the string on the tops and throwing them.

Safety: Spin your top outdoors away from people and breakable objects such as windows and cars.  It takes a while to learn to control it.

To spin your new top you must first learn to wind the  string around the top properly.  To start, tie a knot in each end of the sting, with the button on the string.  Then, holding the top in your left hand, catch the knot and pull it firmly down toward the tip.  Then wind the string around the tip and wind the string firmly around the top continuing upward to the end.  Let the button end hang free while doing this to prevent twisting.  Then, holding the top point upward with the button behind your fingers as shown in the lower picture, wing your arm backward then forward - casting the top toward a spot on the floor about 5 feet in front of you, with a diagonal side arm style motion.  Do not pull back on the string.

Trouble shooting - keep the following in mind:

  1. Remember to keep the string tight as you wind the top.
  2. Hold the top between your thumb and the ends of your fingers - not in a fist.
  3. Keep your arm straight as you throw - don't bend your elbow or get too fancy.
  4. Keep your fingers together so the string won't fly off with the top.
  5. Don't pull back on the string when you let go.
  6. Don't throw the top too hard or too softly.
  7. Spin your top on a smooth, hard surface - soft or round surfaces will slow your top down quickly.  Try a piece of plywood or cardboard..

It is easier to learn by watching others throw the top.  But hopefully this will help you some.


We had a lot of great people this year.  Please send me your name/website so that I can add your name :)

Jorge Alcoz, Mark HaywardTakeshi Kamisato, Hank Freeman, Brandon Jackson (BoJack), Mike Hout

                             Mark Hayward Card (Front --- Back)            Brandon Jackson Card (Front --- Back)

Enjoy pics and videos from previous years

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