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Miamisburg Ohio is home to Yo-Yo Day. Be sure to join us each February for a great time
It was a great day at St. Jacob's Church in Miamisburg Ohio where we
had a fun time at the 2nd Annual Yo-Yo Day.  We were fortunate to have
with us Mark Hayward.  He is a world professional yo-yo champion; maybe you saw him on the David Letterman show.  He gave us a great demonstration and tips on how to yo-yo.
Mark suggests learning the following tricks.  Try to learn one trick at a time as they get harder
down the list:
How to wind yo-yo - untangle the string - throw an easy spinner - throw fast spinner
Side Throw - Tower - Rock the Baby - Elevator
Brain Twister - Trapeze - Split the Atom
Yo-Yo Day February 13, 2011
Please enjoy the following videos and pictures from the day.
Yo-Yo Videos
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 1
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 2
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 3
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 4
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 5
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 6
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 7
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 8
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 9
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 10
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 11
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 13
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 15
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 16
021311 Miamisburg Yo-Yo Day Video 17
Yo-Yo Pictures


We had a contest for the longest dribbler.  It started out easy, but then Mark added more and more challenges.  The competition came down to two competitors.  Everyone had a great time.

                Winner                                                Runner-up


Here is a great card from Mark Hayward (Juggler, Yo-yoer, Cool Guy).  Hopefully you will come to a future event and get your own card

Be sure to visit all of Mark's websites - Mark Hayward Is My Hero
Mark Hayward has been a variety arts performer since 1990. He is a World Yo-yo Champion, a member of a World Champion Juggling Team, and a Spintop Champion. His mom is proud. Mark has traveled the world with a yo-yo on his finger (well, mostly in his pocket), and has made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, America's Got Talent, and the NBC Nightly News (without committing a crime). Someday Mark hopes to perform for both the President and the Queen. Not being a convicted criminal should help with that.
Please support Mark Hayward -
Stunt Lab
Mark and Jonathan have been flaunting their useless skills for years, and are at the top of the circus/variety arts field, but they are concerned because recently a competitor has emerged. They have decided to get seriously scientific about their latest undertaking; breaking a World Record. Using everyday objects, their quick wit, and years of training, this duo creates unique and unusual tricks and stunts that are sure to please thrill seekers of all ages.
Join this unlikely pair in their laboratory as they prepare themselves mentally and physically to be the best at useless skills no one else would or should attempt in pursuit of "The Greatest Stunt of All Time".


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