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Motorcoach Tours of Miamisburg Ohio - The Star City

Miamisburg is a must see city located in southwest Ohio and nestled along the Great Miami River.  You will see where
the prehistoric Adena Indians made their home and where nuclear power was harnessed at the Mound Laboratories.
View the homes of the early inventors and entrepreneurs along Millionaires' Row.  Stop at the Heritage Village for a walk through the 1811 Gebhart Tavern and Kercher Pioneer Home.  Catch sight of the oldest family owned
 automobile dealership in the state - Fox Motors.  Housed here are inventions sold to Henry Ford and
Classic cars.  Explore cutting edge environmental and economic venues.  Enjoy the artistry of our citizens in the galleries and theater.  Be sure to get a taste of Miamisburg at one of our restaurants.  Then take a leisurely walk along
 Main Street, stopping at the ice cream shop and shopping at one of the unique shops.
These are just a few of the sites and sights you will experience on your narrated historic tour.
A guide will meet you and step-on your motor coach to take you through the STAR CITY.
For a customized tour email Carol O'Connell.
Prices are determined by tour options.
Preplanning is necessary for step-on guide.
Sponsored by the Miamisburg Historical Society

Market Square Building

Miamisburg Historical Society
Market Square Building
Main and Central Aves.
P.O. Box 774
Miamisburg OH  45342
Phone:  (937) 859-5000
Market Square Building
4 North Main Street
Miamisburg OH  45342
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A Sample Tour
Arrive in Miamisburg at the Daniel Gebhart Tavern.
Built in 1811, the Tavern was a stopping place for those who came via the Great Miami River.  Here they could rest,
 get a hot meal and a night's rest.  Others stopping by came overland by horseback after an arduous ride through
 the Ohio Wilderness.
You will see how the Tavern was constructed, view the artifacts of the early settlers.  Unusual to the tavern is that it is two stories.  Many taverns of this era were only one floor.  You will see the early inventions of our inhabitants, learn of the tobacco industry, and see an original rope bed with its straw mattress.
Onsite is an original Smoke House.  Harriet Gebhart and sons sold this from their farm to make
 room for the expansion of the Dayton Mall.  It was dismantled and  reconstructed adjacent to the Tavern.
Next to the Smoke House is the Kercher Pioneer Home.  It was set to be demolished, but was discovered to
 have historic significance.
From the Tavern, your tour will take you to the Baum Opera House.  This mansard style building was built in 1884.
  It was originally called the Star City Opera House.  Here you will see it restored from the exterior brick to the
 copper down spouts.  No Opera House would be complete without a ballroom.  The stunning second floor
 highlights the mansard style with second empire inspired fabrics and warm historic colors.  Now it is the
 site of wedding receptions and special occasions.
By this time you are ready for lunch at one of our local restaurants.
After lunch we take a driving tour of the city on our way to the Indian Mound.  Along the route you will see the Star City Mural, an Indian sculpture (Little Turtle), the hamburger wagon, Market Square Building: Home to the Historical Society, St. Jacob Church - oldest church still in use in the city and Millionaires' Row: turn of the 19th century homes.
In addition we can arrange for industry tours.
Top off the tour with tea at the English Manor - A Bed and Breakfast stop over.
Here are some additional items/sites of interest included in the tour.
Heritage Village
History of Miamisburg
Miamisburg Star City
The 1913 Flood
Riverfront Park
Binder Twine and Cordage
Main Street
Miami Erie Canal
Tobacco Warehouse/Alcor
Baum Opera House
Second Street
Fox Motors
First School House
Brough-Getts Funeral Home
Friends' Cafe
Masonic Lodge
The Mural/Indian Sculpture
Pearl Street
Central Avenue
St. Jacob Lutheran Church
Market Square Building
Hamburger Wagon
Our Lady of Good Hope
Carnegie Library/Park
Community Church
Millionaires' Row
Indian Mound State Memorial
Mound Museum
Please come and see what we are doing to make Miamisburg a tourist site.
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Miamisburg: Ohio's Best Hometown 2008
Information about Miamisburg
About 1797, Zachariah Hole came with his family from Virginia and fearing fighting the local Indians, he built a stockade on the East bank of the Miami River opposite the mouth of Bear Creek. He found the Indians friendly. To the stockade came squatters, surveying parties, and settlers mostly from Pennsylvania who had taken out grants and lived there until their own cabins were completed; hence the small community came to be known as "Hole's Station."
On Feb. 20, 1818, four men from Pennsylvania: [Emanuel Gebhart, Jacob Kercher, Dr. John Treon and Dr. Peter Treon] offered for sale at public auction 90 lots in a new town by the name of Miamisburg. Situated on the left bank of the Miami River, the plat was divided into square lots containing one-fifth of an acre.

 The name Miamisburg was derived from the Miami Indian tribe that resided there, combining "Miamis" with "burg," which denotes a borough or town. By 1818, the unincorporated community had become a village and achieved City status about 100 years later.
Please enjoy looking around the site.  There are lots of pictures and information and maybe a little bit of fun.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me (Jay Robinson)
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